Alex Fuhr, also known as The Foreman is a minor villain introduced in SS#2. He is in charge of various industrial

The Foreman, from SS#2.

activities in the southern Green Hill Zone. He came to prominence after Sonic totalled a small patrol of SWATbots, something that caught his eye.

He appears to have quite a temper, easily angered by Sonic's rebellious attitude and willing to commit countless Mobian rights violations to find the speedy hedgehog. He naturally was completely baffled when he discovered the same hedgehog had left a massive message carved into the grass.

Come SS#3, he was seen desperately requesting the Governor put the entire Zone on high alert to try and crush the hedgehog before he became too dangerous. His fears were dismissed as rebel propaganda and nothing to worry about.



Various color schemes for Alex Fuhr.

Alex is a green thylacine with dark blue eyes. He has yellow stripes and is normally seen in the standard Foreman garb, a mixture of the Eggman and Robotnik outfits.

Alex Fuhr went through many color schemes, though his overall appearance remained the same. His eye and fur color were decided randomly; the options were either a deep blue with green eyes(which would make him look like Sonic), or a green with blue eyes, which would make him the opposite of Sonic. As he would be Sonic's first actual antagonist, it was decided the opposite color scheme should be used.


  • His name can be pronounced as "Fur," as in Furry.
  • "Alex Fur" sounds like a counterpart to Alex Kidd, Sega's mascot prior to Sonic the Hedgehog's release.