Wong Reo, better known by his codename of "Amp," is the scout of the South Island Freedom Fighter cell. He was first seen watching the highway that led into South Island, on Sage's instructions. While he figured that Sage had lost his touch, he was surprised to see the legendary Blue Blur speed right past him moments later.

He was then ordered with Bazooka to locate the Blur while he was still in the city, running on the blue, spiky quills and the apparent love of chili dogs as clues. This was complicated due to the fact that it was Integration Day in South Island, with many wearing blue clothes or dye.


Amp is a dark gray rabbit/lynx hybrid, possessing long, pointy ears, with distinctive lynx tufts. His eyes are a solid orange, and while he has keen eyesight, he has a special set of goggles he can use to extend his vision even further. He has a purple vest, with dark purple gauntlets and anklets to match. His tail is the most noticeable reminder of his rabbit heritage, being short and fluffy.


Amp is a polite, timid, well-mannered youth, a sharp contrast to the far more blunt and hotblooded Sonic. He is not very confident in his abilities as a scout, though nonetheless is always eager to please his adoptive father, Sage.


Amp has fairly keen senses, and the ability to run at 64 mph without tiring for quite some time. This had made him very useful in the recon and hit-and-run operations of his cell.


  • Reo rarely uses his surname; it is purely for legal purposes since he was never given a surname of his own. The surname Wong is taken after his father figure, Sage's last name.
  • Keeping with the concept of the South Island FF's main members being based off videogame characters, Amp draws heavy inspiration from Klonoa in design, while his vest draws inspiration from King Kazma of Summer Wars fame.