Antoine D'Coolette is the son of late Kingdom of Acorn General Armand D'Coolette. Because of the fact he was the son of one of the most highly-ranked individuals in the Kingdom he is considerably vain and arrogant. When pressed, however, it is all a facade; he is weak and cowardly and easily intimidated and controlled. While he frequently carries a sword on him, he has barely any skill with it.

Antoine is formally one of the two co-leaders of the Mobotropolis Freedom Fighters. In practice, however, his weak personality has allowed Geoffrey St. John to wield power entirely by himself. Antoine has been reduced to whatever St. John deems convenient.

Antoine was last seen going on a mission with Ogilvie Maurice to investigate a tipoff of a new weapon for the Empire. During this mission, Antoine was told to stay back and cover things while Ogilvie went ahead. Ogilvie would later be spotted, and in the ensuing crossfire, much of the facility they had investigated was destroyed. Whether Antoine survived - between the blast and the group of SWATbots present - remains to be seen.

Antoine is based off the character of the same name from the Archie comics and Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.