Bazooka with Amp.

Dylan Williams, known by his codename of Bazooka, is the weapons and herbal expert of the South Island Freedom Fighters. He is close friends with Amp, and was tasked with him to capture the mysterious "Blue Blur" when it was suspected the latter was in South Island.

His name comes from his signature weapon, a special bazooka built to tear through metallic forces without harming organics.


Despite his large, burly size, he is very gentle, and also very intelligent. He is very enthused about his scientific pursuits; one of the reasons he was partnered with Amp was so as to get him out of his laboratory beneath Sage's home.


  • He is based off Crash, Crunch and Evil Crash Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot franchise, and is a mixture of their builds and colors.
    • His signature weapon is iconic of Crash Bandicoot himself.