Chaos Energy is a mysterious substance that is sometimes seen erupting from wells in the ground. However, wells are usually tiny or remote, which has kept the energy from being actively harnessed over the years. The energy is very odd in its qualities - while it can interact with machinery, it can also be absorbed directly through the skin.

Many societies have had experiences with it over the course of history, but in such small, raw doses it hasn't been seen as anything reliable. Because of its mystical qualities, many folk religions sometimes focused on it, but saw it as a holy energy rather than anything of material value. It is often dubbed to be an extension of the "Chaos Force" in such belief systems.

The Empire, however, has changed that. With vast reservoirs of yellow energy, Emperor Robotnik has managed to create a fuel that is efficient, clean and lasts extremely long lengths of time. This has spurred the rapid industrialisation of the nation at home; fossil fuels remain common fuel abroad, however. Robotnik's frustration is that he can't run his entire empire on the substance, despite his technology growing more efficient each year.

While it syncs well with machines, it can also be absorbed akin to a nutrient. Chaos Energy comes in many colors, and each seems to have a certain specialty, but overall, they can increase one's prowess in any field, physical or mental.

So far, the known colors are:

  • Yellow - Energy discharges; most useful for machinery and weapons
  • Red - Unknown
  • Blue - Enhanced metabolism, speed, agility, and gravity resistance
  • Green - Unknown
  • Cyan - Unknown
  • Violet - Unknown


  • The colors of the Chaos Energy are easy to remember: on the RGB color scale, there is red, green, and blue. When mixed together with eachother, they produce cyan, violet and yellow.
  • Part of Sonic Shift's concept of Chaos Energy is derived from the Eco of the Jak & Daxter world.