Sonic Art Assets DVD - Eggman - 3

Julian Ivo Kintobor, better known as Dr. Eggman, is the Emperor of the Robotnik Empire and the Main antagonist of the Sonic Series. Many Mobians consider him a brutal dictator, but just as many view him as a great man, his Empire having ended many local disputes and brought a previously unheard of quality of life to many regions, if at a terrible cost in lives and some would say freedom. Unfortunately for him, Sonic the Hedgehog isn't one of those passive supporters.

He is a man of great genius, always graduating at the top of any class he took, and being able to quickly master any subject he sets his mind to. A common joke among those who acknowledge his intellect but dislike his rule is that his immense girth stems from the fact he ran out of room in his brain to put all the fat. Using his genius, Robotnik became the world's first trillionaire, bestowing countless advances on the United Federation and later exporting these to the world.

He is called Julian by those who are either very bold, very stupid or very close(though he dislikes it) and Dr. Robotnik by those who acknowledge his genius but refuse to recognise his right to rule over the planet. He is finally called "Eggman, "Egg-head" or other variants by the Resistance.


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