Green Hill Zone is one of the many Zones of the Empire, and it is in this Zone that Ogilvie begins his life as Sonic.

The Zone is under the iron fist of the ruthless Governor, who has crushed the vast majority of rebels in the region. An exception is the South Island Freedom Fighters.

Climate and Geography

The Zone has lush tropical forests in the north, and large non-tropical forests in the South. It is rich in rivers and cliffs overlook the seaside. It also has many resources beneath its environmental beauty, which has made it a target for industrial harvesting.

In the northwestern parts of the coastline, a large bay houses an archipelago, the most notable island being South Island, one of the largest urban centers in the region.


Green Hill was formerly part of Adabat. After the country's destruction and annexation, it was carved up from the rest of the former country.

Green Hill is rich in immigrants from N. Cademstar, as is the case with most of Northern Segesni, and possesses a diverse culture accordingly that separates it from the rest of the continent.


  • Green Hill Zone is named after the very first stage in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • South Island is named after Sonic's residence in several canon.