Within the Empire, there are many ranks, though only four have legal standing in terms of administration: the Emperor, Sub-Bosses, Governors, Actors and Foremen.

It is possible for positions to overlap; King Elias, for example, is not only the Sub-Boss of Segesni, but is also the Governor of Robotropolis.


The Emperor is a one-man tier, the absolute, supreme ruler of the Empire. The current Emperor is its inaugural holder, Julian Kintobor, better known by his adopted regal name of Robotnik.


Sub-Bosses are responsible for control of an entire continent. While S. Cademstar has no Sub-Boss(Robotnik rules the continent personally), he has left the other continents under the power of particular rulers. Sub-Bosses technically do not exist, though they hold sway over a continent's Governors.

The Sub-Bosses are:

  • Kragok - Angel Island, Head of the Echidna Legion
  • Ninja Cop - South Island, Head of Hedgehog Legion
  • Battle Kukku 15th - Babylon, Head of Bird Legion
  • The Baron - Sandoplis, Head of Desert Legion
  • General Platyborg - Downa, Head of Platypus Legion
  • Yagu Lord - Dragon Kingdom, Head of the Yagu Clan Legion
  • Ancient Mister - Robotroplis, Head of Badnik Legion
  • Akkhut - Iceland, Head of Whale Legion
  • Yetoro - Frostworld, Head of Yeti Legion
  • Drago Wolf - Mobinca, Head of Wolf Legion
  • Razorclaw - Mobaya, Head of Widcat Legion
  • Arnoald - Mobgypt, Head of Ardvark Legion
  • King. K. Rool - Mobian Jungle, Head of Crocodile Legion
  • Scripo - Mobian Russia, Head of Scorpion Legion
  • Mephiles - Mobian Romania, Head of Nantal Legion 


Governors control each of the Empire's 30 Zones. They wield a wide range of powers and are formally second only to the Emperor. Several Governors are close friends or family of the Emperor due to his nepotism and desire to minimise potential threats.

List of Governors


Actors control the Acts, or counties, of Zones. Depending on the Act, they may either be one in the same with a local Foreman, or be in competition with one or more Foremen for power.

List of Actors


Foremen have variously shifting territories; some administer a site, others administer entire counties and can be almost on par with a Governor. They are best seen as a mixture of sheriffs, mayors and overseers. They often appoint lesser Foremen to do specific tasks.

Foremen also oversee the islands and smaller provinces of the Empire, that have yet to be given full Zone status.

List of Foremen