Kintobor Enterprises, formerly Robotnik Enterprises, is a massive company founded by Julian Kintobor in his youth. Using his genius, Kintobor was able to acquire patent after patent, and the government forked over insane amounts of revenue to him for use of his ideas.

When Julian staged his coup and established himself as a General, President, and dictator of the United Federation, he handed control of the company over to his relatives.

The company has a value in the trillions of Mobiums, and as a result, Robotnik has the distinction of being Mobius' first and only trillionaire.


  • Julian chose the name Robotnik Enterprises by reversing his name. He liked the fine-sounding Robotnik, and later took it as his regal title. When he delegated management of the company to family members, he changed the name to Kintobor Enterprises.
  • Outside the continuity, the name is chosen because of Dr. Eggman's "Eggman Enterprises" in Sonic Colors.