The Mobotropolis Freedom Fighters are the cell of the Resistance that fights from in and around the city of Robotropolis. As a sign of defiance against Robotnik, they continue to use the city's old name. Of particular interest to them is locating Princess Alicia, as she would give them a challenge to Elias' authority.

In terms of organisation, the group is formally led jointly by Geoffrey St. John and Antoine D'Coolette; each has family ties to the original Acorn monarchy. In practice, however, Geoffrey's dominating personality has made him supreme commander of the cell.

The Mobotropolis FF were notable for the fact Ogilvie Maurice was one of their lowest members. Despite being treated like dirt, he would later end up becoming the greatest of the freedom fighters - Sonic the Hedgehog.

Known members:

  • Geoffrey St. John(leader)
  • Antoine D'Coolette(scout)

Former members: