A SWATbot. (SS#2)

SWATbots are a staple of the Robotnik Empire's army the world over, especially so in the Zones of Segesni. They function as low-tier soldiers, but also as police.

The standard SWATbot is intimidating, being black, red and grey in coloration. They were purposely built to look bulky and powerful, and it isn't just for show: their incredible strength keeps most of the citizenry in line. Despite being metallic, however, they are relatively light.

SWATbots have a laser built into their right hand, and a taser built into their left. The laser is fired from the palm, whereas the taser is fired from the finger. The laser is a concenrated, continuous beam, causing great destruction when used.

SWATbots, oddly enough, have a tendency to use the laser first and ask questions later.

They are directly based off the robots employed by Dr. Robotnik in the SatAM and Archie continuities.


Most SWATbots run on basic AI, making them easily controlled by those given authority by the Emperor himself. They often will calculate whether execution is a better choice than capture(generally by determining if capture is feasible). This was seen when one SWATbot decided to try and kill Ogilvie Maurice rather than capture him, inadvertently turning the latter into Sonic the Hedgehog.

Likewise, they will sacrifice themselves to protect those who they are assigned to guard, as seen when the same robot quickly threw itself on top of Elias Acorn to protect him from the debris; unfortunately, this had the effect of trapping the monarch underneath it, necessitating Grimer's help. (SS#1)

When sent off on their own, some SWATbots are given a more advanced OS that allows them to adapt to the situation. This is particularly if they have to lead a patrol of other SWATbots, allowing them to show ingenuity and creativity in the absence of an organic leader. This was seen in the case of Sonic's first battle, where as two of three robots were tricked into destroying themselves, their leader was preparing an attack that would let him get a point-blank shot on the hero. (SS#2)


Height: 6'

Weight: 300 lbs

Color: Black w/ gray

Equipment: Taser, Laser

Power Supply: Yellow Chaos Drive