Logo of Sonic Shift

Sonic Shift is a webcomic that spawned from a desire to mix all the various continuities of Sonic the Hedgehog into one. As such, characters from all the canon appear throughout, often with their backstories changed to make them similar, but different, from their counterparts.

The comic's stated goal is to create an ongoing continuity like the Fleetway or Archie-created universes. As such, there is no ending planned thus far.


The comic is divided into "Issues," which are more akin to chapters due to their short length. Numbered in a x.y format, with x being the issue and y being the page, there are currently only 2 issues as of January 2012.


Tanner Bates - pseudonym Tanicius Fox - has been the sole artist on the comic due to its infancy.

While the story is primarily written by Bates as well, he often writes it with the assistance of friends.