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By Tanner Bates.


Tanner Bates


Tanner Bates/Jet Prower

Ran From




Sonic Shift #1 was the very first issue of Sonic Shift, running during late October 2011.


Ogilvie Maurice was on a mission to Robotropolis, attempting to capitalise on a tip an informant had given them about a new weapon the Empire would soon develop. Antoine D'Coolette is sent to accompany him on the mission.

At first the mixing plant seems empty, until Elias Acorn and Dr. Grimer arrived with full SWATbot detail. Grimer saturated the Sovereign with formalities, until Elias ordered him to get on with it. Complying, Grimer opened his briefcase, revealing several Chaos Drives. Chaos Energy, however, was usually yellow... it turned out Grimer had found a means to convert not only the energy's color, but its capabilities.

Just as Grimer began spilling the juicy details, however, he spotted Ogilvie on the rooftops. The SWATbots fanned out to try and apprehend the rebel; one SWATbot, however, calculated that Ogilvie would escape. The response was to try and execute Ogilvie by laser shot.

As a result of the blast - Grimer's warnings came too late - all of the mixing tanks, filled to the brim with the Chaos Energy Grimer had distilled over the years, exploded. Ogilvie was presumed dead, due to the fact that even if he survived the explosion, the amount of blue energy he absorbed would surely cause his organs to either cease functioning or explode.

However, as Elias praised Grimer, the camera panned to a forest far, far away...