Uncle Chuck and young Ogilvie, in happier times.

Sir Charles Maurice, also known as Uncle Chuck, was the uncle of Ogilvie Maurice. After Ogilvie's parents perished, Chuck took Ogilvie in as his own, and did his best to try and calm the flames within the young boy's soul.

Uncle Chuck, however, died before he could be sure he had quelled the desire for vengeance. While officially "cancer," Ogilvie could tell that was it actually chemical poisoning from the horrible pollution Robotnik's rapid, reckless industrialisation was causing.

Uncle Chuck was a prominent inventor in the Kingdom of Acorn, and received his knighthood for his work in improving the quality of life of the Kingdom's many subjects. What exactly he invented, however, has yet to be seen.

Chuck also regularly cooked chili dogs for his nephew, the result being the latter's taste in such things.